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Often you face trouble in accessing the AOL mail account because of server problems. Server issues may even obstruct the process of sending and receiving emails. You can complete proper communication is possible when you can log in to the account and send and receive emails freely. so when you have a proper internet connection you face issues in login then that’s because of AOL server down issues. Correcting the server issues will enable you to solve the issue.

Steps to fix AOL server down issues

While login you must enter correct login details if you want to avoid AOL Mail login problem. If the problem is not related to login details, then check your internet and the server settings. In the settings, you will find that there are some errors in the server. In such a situation you should approach the support team who will help you or you can simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

Here are the steps to fix AOL server down issues:

  • Always ensure that ‘keep me signed in’ checkbox is selected when you try to login the account. If you find that the checkbox is not selected or you face a problem in understanding it then contact AOL customer service team for assistance.
  • Some of the browser extensions may contain cookies. Whenever you close your browser you should clear the cookies also. This is an essential step for preventing any sort of obstruction.
  • You can observe that there are certain programs that enable you to keep signed in so check that and again try to log in. If you fail to do so then contact AOL technical support team for analyzing the cause.
  • If you find a prompt for a password setting must be checked to prevent any obstruction. You can avail help of the support team if you can’t understand the settings regarding the password.


What you can do?

Due to AOL server down issues,you are signed out from your account. You must ensure that you signed in only from one single device ,if not then log out from all other devices and try to login again. Here are the steps that you must follow to get rid of server issues:

  • At times you have to face this problem in the login process due to a few reasons,like the password of the account. That is the situation when you have avail help to get back the access of the password of the account through AOL password recovery.
  • You may even suffer a problem if the account gets hacked or multiple usages get blocked. Whatever the cause the support team helps you to overcome AOL hacked account by recovering it.
  • Simply close down the account completely and again re-open it. This may solve the server issue. AOL mail help is always present to provide you an instant remedy for all such issues.
  • If your mail is temporarily unavailable then just wait for some time. You may even clear the browser’s cache and cookies and then try to access your account.

Even after following the steps of fixing AOL server down issues, you can’t access the account then without delay consult the expert technicians.The technicians will not only make the required changes but also provide you an instant remedy for all other issues arising in the AOL mail account. Before you proceed to solve a problem or error you must know the causes of the error. Then only you can take the required and appropriate steps to overcome it on time. Just convey the exact error message to the executives and get instant help!

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