Bitdefender Technical Support Number
1-833-716-7993 Toll-Free

Whenever you feel that your device needs to be protected against malware that enters your device, then there comes the role of Bitdefender technical support. It is needed when you want to install, activate or uninstall the antivirus. They even support you to update the antivirus on time. Once the process is completed then they again cross-check for ensuring that the process is successfully completed. If anything improper is found, then they make sure to follow the steps again.

What are the steps of installation?

  1. In order to start the installation process, you have to firstly download Bitdefender installation file from the website. In this step, you have to make sure that you download the file only from the official website. Bitdefender technical support team guides you throughout the steps.
  2. In the downloaded setup file you have to right-click for starting the installation process. You will be taken to a welcome screen. Here in the top right corner, you will find you have to choose the installation language according to your preference.
  3. Now, this will help you to start the installation process in your preferred language. You have to follow the steps as it is mentioned and you will be able to complete the process. Bitdefender technical support is required if you fail to interpret any of these steps.
  4. Once you have followed the steps of installation and installed it successfully on your device then now comes the steps for activating the Bitdefender antivirus. Only when you activate it you can further use it for protecting the device from various malware.
How to activate Bitdefender antivirus?
  1. Without activating Bitdefender there is no use of the installation. So, as soon as you install it on your device you have to make sure that you activate it by following steps of installation. Bitdefender customer service provides you relevant assistance whenever you need any help in understanding the steps.
  2. The process starts after you double-click on the Bitdefender icon that is present on the desktop. This step will enable you to open the management console.
  3. Now you have to click on the icon of internet security present on that console. This will enable to enter a screen where on the top right corner menu is present. You will have to click on the menu. You have to select About icon from various options available on the menu. Bitdefender technical support ensures that you are able to understand the steps easily.
  4. The above step will help you to enter a screen where you can find the subscription tab. You have to make sure that you tap on that. You will find that you are able to view some activation methods. You have to select one of those methods for completing the activation process.
  5. Once you confirm the method that you are following now you have to click on the login option present on the next screen. Here you have to input the username and password that you have set up while setting up the account when you were purchasing Bitdefender from its website.
  6. Finally, you can log in the account where you have to enter the license number for activating Bitdefender successfully. Only after you have to complete the process you will find that it is functioning properly for providing you protection against various viruses.

You must ensure that all the steps of instructions that are mentioned in the installation file and activation file are followed in a proper manner. Then only you can activate the Bitdefender antivirus and enjoy its benefits. If you have doubt in any of the steps or you feel that you can’t complete the whole process by yourself, then you can always take help of Bitdefender technical support team. The team members have such properties which will enable you to overcome all the issues instantly and you can use Bitdefender without any problem.

How support team functions?
  • Suddenly if it is found that Bitdefender is not functioning then it is various reasons. One of those reasons that you have not installed it properly. Whenever there is any issue regarding installation then the support team acts sportingly and guide you throughout the process so that you can start using it.
  • Due to various reasons, Bitdefender antivirus may not function properly. In that situation, you will have to reinstall it. Just reinstalling it will enable you to get rid of the issues. Bitdefender customer care team will provide you appropriate help in the process.
  • When you follow the process of reinstallation then first you have to remove and replace all the software with the new installation files. This is considered as one of the best ways to solve all the issues that arise in the Bitdefender antivirus. If you have doubt in understanding the steps of reinstallation, then the support team provide assistance.
  • In order to reinstall Bitdefender, you have to first uninstall it. You can use various uninstallation tool for removing the antivirus completely from your device. You have to just call in Bitdefender helpline number if you want to know more about the uninstallation process or you want to get rid of issues present in it.
  • Once it gets uninstalled you have to proceed with the steps to install it again on the same device. You must always ensure that you activate after it is installed properly on the device. At any step if you feel that you will need some help take it from the experts of Bitdefender technical support team.