Norton support Toll Free NUmber

People uses Norton antivirus for protecting their device from attacks from malware. Usually, you have to download Norton and install it properly. After installation one has to activate it on the device. If you are unable to install it successfully then you have to take help the support team by dialling Norton support phone number. Until, you activate it properly, you can’t use the protection features of Norton. There is no need to worry if you have not activated it and you are wondering the steps to do so. The steps are not very complicated yet if you need any help you can take it from the support team. They will definitely ensure that the activation process is complete without any hindrance and the antivirus will start functioning.

What are the steps of activation?

For successfully activating the Norton there are few sets of steps you have to follow. Those steps are explain below yet if you find them troublesome to follow and activate then make sure you avail help of the support team by calling at Norton technical support phone number. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The process of activation of Norton antivirus starts after double-clicking on the Norton icon present on the desktop. This will help you to open the management console of Norton.
  • After that you are require to click on the Norton internet security tile. This will allow you to access the screen where in the top right corner of the screen you can find the menu. You must click on that then select ‘About’ from the menu present there. If you can’t find that then you have to call in Norton support phone number for availing instant support.
  • The above-mentioned steps if followed properly then you will be taken on a screen. Where you can find the subscription tab. When you click on that tab then you will find some activation methods present there you will have to select one from them for continuing with the activation process.
  • Further, you have to log from the next screen. For that you need to type your email address and password of the account on the space provided there. This is password you created while purchasing it Norton. For clarifying any further doubt take help of the support team by calling in Norton help number.
  • When you are able to login in the Norton account you will have to enter the license number on the next screen for activating the Norton completely.

Though these steps are very easy to follow and you can activate the Norton account. But if you are having trouble in following these steps then you must always seek help of experts by calling Norton support phone number. The experts are always ready to help you their guidance.

How to uninstall Norton?

Sometimes there is need to uninstall Norton from the devices. One most common reason is that you no more need in that device. So, when you want to uninstall you have to first ensure all the products are remove. And for that you can locate all the products by opening the start menu and then clicking on settings from the menu. From there you have to select the products one by one and then the app itself. You may have to remove all other products related to Norton before the main application. Below mentioned are the steps which will allow you to remove Norton completely. And if you find that it is not entirely remove then take help from the team by calling in Norton support phone number. Here are the steps:

  • In the settings of the Norton antivirus you can find a prompt where you need to confirm that you want to run the setup and uninstall the Norton software. Take help of Norton internet security support team for availing help.
  • In next step you need to click ‘yes’ for confirming that you want to undergo the uninstallation process. As soon as you confirm you will find on the next screen.
  • Select uninstall icon and you will receive a message which will seek your confirmation. In that you have to click on ‘yes, uninstall’. After that uninstallation process begins.

Once the process begins you have to wait till it is finished. In the entire process if any help is need then that could be taken from the support team by dialling Norton support phone number. Finally, you have to ensure that you restart your computer once uninstallation is complete.